I suppose every ending merits a beginning.

Tomorrow I end my time here in San Jose with the satisfaction and peace of having experienced something right and good. I will miss it and I will find moments for nostalgia and hints of regret for a time too short or an experience not fully grasped. But time rolls on and a life only looking back and calculating qualitatives and quantitatives and past possibilities in rear-view is a life experiencing things without the full opportunity to revel in and steer as well as can be done the experiences, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the successes, and the shit as they come hurtling at you.

Its been an incredible three months and saying goodbye to this place and these people hurts. I have been living, laughing, and loving in a place with faces I consciously realize I may never see again. But all the better I am saddened by it, for I know that it is a feeling begotten by the joys, anxieties, and laughters that comes from creating relationships with other people even despite language barriers, and that is good.

Tomorrow also begins a new experience, one that I hope I will live as well as and be as saddened by when I leave as the one I am leaving today. Around 10 AM I should, if all goes well and I don’t end up having to dig into the emergency money I’ve been given, be arriving in Heredia province after taking a series of buses, finding a church, finding a phone in the church, and hopefully contacting my next “dad” for pick-up. I know very little of what awaits me but that I will be living and working (a lot harder than I have in a long time I’m going to assume) on a coffee-fruit-vegetable-animal farm. Come to think of it, its a bit of a micro-version of what I didn’t know coming on this grand trip in the first place. If that’s the case I’ve been here and made it through. Three months didn’t send me packing home but it certainly sent me through a maelstrom of challenges and unknowns and I expect nothing less of the next three and a half weeks. Bring it on.

So in the spirit of all that I will remember to remember my time here with this wonderful Tica family in San Jose while looking forward to and living in the excitement, the learning, and the sweat that surely awaits. After that everything is unknown.

My first Tica family

My first Tica family

Ecclesiastes 3:1

“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens”


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